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By the time we reached late childhood and adolescence our concept of gender identity and sexual orientation is firmly entrenched (Wood, ). This essay will relate sex in comparison to gender and eventually how the latter develops. Gender Identity Essay PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Society's impact on gender identity.5/5(2). This essay will introduce Connell and Messerchmidts’ concept of hegemonic masculinity and then how that ties in with and how they address gender identity. Finally this essay will examine how these theorists examine gender identity with a view to implement reform or social change.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. For the purpose of this paper those two terms will be interchangeable. We will write a custom gender identity essay sample on Gender Identity Disorder or any similar topic only for you. This paper will explore the symptoms that lead to a gender identity disorder diagnosis as well as the treatment process and obstacles a person with this disorder may face.

It is a difficult process and is not something somebody would endure unless they truly believed they were meant to be the opposite sex. Symptoms of a person with gender dysphoria can vary from person to person but there is certain criterion that must be gender identity essay in order to obtain that diagnosis from a licensed professional.

The symptoms for an adult with gender dysphoria is somewhat different because they are of age and able to effectively communicate thoughts and desires. Some of these symptoms include persistent discomfort with current sex, stated desire to be the opposite sex, frequent attempts to pass as the opposite sex, desire to get rid of gentiles, social isolation, depression and anxiety.

The only way for a proper diagnosis is to be evaluated by a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in gender identity issues. Once a diagnosis is reached what is treatment like? Treatment includes counseling, gender identity essay, group and individual, hormone therapy, and if chosen, gender reassignment surgery. Individual, group, family, and couples gender identity essay can ll be necessary to help not only the GID patient cope and come to terms with the person they feel they were always meant to be.

There is also a network of people that surround that person that will also be affected by this diagnosis and decision. Individual therapy is suggested for the person who is gender dysphoric and mandatory if they want to take further steps in treatment hormone therapy, reassignment surgery. Group counseling has also been found to be of great benefit. Hormone treatment is used to enable a safe gender transition, both physical and emotional.

It is usually part of a multi-stage process that can also include Real Life Experience cross dressinghormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery, gender identity essay. But it must be noted that some individuals opt to stop with hormone therapy and not go on to change their anatomy permanently.

Hormone therapy is when sex hormones are administered to bring out secondary sexual characteristics. Frey, gender identity essay, A person must be deemed a transsexual with gender dysphoria before reassignment surgery is even considered.

A transsexual is a person with gender identity disorder gender identity essay has overwhelming desire to change anatomic sex. Whatever treatment is chosen is just the beginning of the journey.

There are many ramifications a person with gender dysphoria faces; psychological, social, and religious. According to local psychologist Dr.

Gerald Ramsey, Ph. These individuals believe they are putting at risk the future of their souls — facing not just the loss of family and friends, but the ultimate judgment gender identity essay God, gender identity essay, which may include spiritual annihilation. To confront, gender identity essay, explore and challenge such beliefs takes incredible personal energy and faith.

In this paper we discussed the symptoms of a person with gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria. We also went through the different courses of treatment related to this disorder as well as the potential obstacles encountered.

Bibliography Gender identity, disorder diagnosis dictionary. Polsdorfer Ed. Ford-Martin, P. Fundukian Ed. Ramsey, G. Tras-sexuals- candid answers to private questions.

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